Trusting Viktor

Trusting Viktor a Cleo Cooper Mystery by Lee Mims book coverSummary:

Betting her life savings on a risky offshore natural gas enterprise, brilliant geologist Cleo Cooper has high hopes for a big payday. But a violent attack onboard the drillship darkens Cleo’s optimism.

Days later, a man washes up on the coast near the drill site, but is it the man who assaulted Cleo? When Viktor, a promising young Russian geologist is hired as the dead man’s replacement, Cleo isn’t sure if he’s friend or foe. The truth seems to be lurking beneath the surface, and as she gets closer to it, Cleo begins to wonder if she’s standing between a murderer and a treasure worth killing for.


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Publishers Weekly Review

With more twists and turns than a roller-coaster, Mims’s second outing for Cleo Cooper (after 2013’s Hiding Gladys) has the geologist risking her life savings on a new gas well off the shore of North Carolina. During Cleo’s first night aboard the drill ship Magellan, she goes to investigate a curious item on deck and is attacked and almost raped by an unknown assailant.

Soon afterward, crewmember Nuvuk Hunter’s dead body is discovered floating in the water, causing Cleo to wonder if he was her attacker. Cleo, now under police suspicion for Nuvuk’s death, finds one bright spot onboard the Magellan: handsome geologist Viktor Kozlov, who previously saved her from a diving mishap. The mystery deepens when the mysterious item proves to have come from a sunken German U-boat. Mims ably transforms the dirty, unglamorous business of well drilling into a breezily entertaining whodunit.

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Trusting Viktor - A Cleo Cooper Mystery Novel by Lee Mims
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 6 reviews
by Mary Martin on Trusting Viktor - A Cleo Cooper Mystery Novel by Lee Mims
Loved it!

Loved this book!

Excellent read.

by B. Bryson on Trusting Viktor - A Cleo Cooper Mystery Novel by Lee Mims
Exceeded all expectations

I would recommend to anyone who is truely a fan of creative writing! I have become a huge fan of lee's work and will continue to follow for years to come.

by Lover of all cozies on Trusting Viktor - A Cleo Cooper Mystery Novel by Lee Mims
Another good one!

I love the two books by Lee Mims. The story catches my attention from the get go and it is hard to put down. Try this series if you like cozy style mysteries where you learn something along the way. Fast-paced and interesting. Looking forward to the next one.

by C. Green on Trusting Viktor - A Cleo Cooper Mystery Novel by Lee Mims
This book is a thrill a minute!!

An accidental meeting turns lifesaving when Viktor Kozlov frees geologist Cleo Cooper from an oil rig 40 miles off the coast of Louisiana. Cleo has been scuba diving with friends and now has less than 2 minutes of air in her tank. With Viktor’s help, Cleo makes it to the surface with very little oxygen to spare.

On advice from her ex-husband Bud, Cleo Cooper has invested a large chunk of her savings with Global Oil an off-shore drilling company that is looking for natural gas off the coast of North Carolina. The company wants Cleo to take a more active role. Meaning, they have no faith in the young wellsite geologist they have hired and want her to supervise him. Cleo and Bud tour the drillship. Due to bad weather, Cleo and Bud have to stay overnight. While wondering around the ship in the middle of the night, Cleo is attacked and blacks out.

Things to ponder: Who is Viktor working for? Is the dead man that was found on Atlantic Beach the same person that attacked Cleo on the drillship? Where was Bud the night Cleo was attacked? Where is Bud’s Hawaiian shirt? How did Cleo get back to her room?

This book is a thrill a minute. There is plenty of heart pounding excitement. At times, I found I was holding my breath. The author takes you right to the action. I could not put this book down. This was a page-turner right from the first page. The story is well-plotted and I can’t wait to read more in this series. So, if you like your mystery with an outdoorsy sense of adventure, then you should be reading Trusting Viktor.

FTC Full Disclosure - A copy of this book was sent to me by the author in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

by Kimberley C on Trusting Viktor - A Cleo Cooper Mystery Novel by Lee Mims
Trusting Viktor

Loved it! You are a fine writer!!!!

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