Hiding Gladys


Hiding Gladys novel coverWhat’s a live rattlesnake doing sunning itself in the back seat of field geologist Cleo Cooper’s Jeep? Nothing good, you can be sure — but the dilemma of how it might have gotten there isn’t as crucial to her as making certain it doesn’t stay. Yet, alarming as such an uninvited passenger might be, more disturbing to the plucky, single-minded Cleo is the need to nail down her deal for mining rights to a rare, vastly valuable North Carolina granite deposit.

The problem is that the property owner, Gladys Walton, has suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, while neglecting to sign the final documents.

First, a murder interferes with locating her: is the woman’s body found dumped in a well that of the missing Gladys? Amid the wooded, rocky countryside, suspicious misdeeds multiply and Gladys’s conniving relations all behave extremely badly.

The increasingly provoked Cleo sees her dog shot, the progress at her job site dangerously disrupted and, finally, is made witness to another death. Whom can she trust? And what kind of distractions should she allow herself when so much is at stake? Both her charming but exasperating ex-husband and an even more seductive former lover are both on hand competing to rescue her; it’s clear to Cleo, though, that she must go it alone and risk the consequences.

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From Midnight Ink:

A rock fortune inspires family betrayal and murder

Cleo Cooper is either about to strike it rich or lose it all. Discovering a huge and rare granite deposit is a geologist’s dream come true. The multi-million dollar quarry deal will also benefit Cleo’s friend Gladys Walton, who owns the rural North Carolina property. So what could go wrong? Finding a dead body in Gladys’s well, for starters. A hitchhiking rattlesnake and a near-fatal accident during the drill test convinces Cleo that someone is dead set on scaring her—and halting the project. The two likely suspects? Gladys’s greedy, grown children, Robert Earle and Shirley, who try every dirty trick in the book to cash in on the granite-rich land. But are they nasty enough to resort to murder?

Between romps with a hot geologist, Cleo devotes every fiber of her being to keeping Gladys safe—and keeping her dream alive.

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Hiding Gladys - A Cleo Cooper Mystery by Lee Mims
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 17 reviews
by Karin T on Hiding Gladys - A Cleo Cooper Mystery by Lee Mims
Hiding Gladys

First we have to find Gladys. Is she in the well, is she in the house, is she in the boat, is she... Oh, well, once we find her then we can hide her, right? This might be the title, but a lot goes on in this book. There are love interests, family problems, murders, and professional rivalries which include all of the above. It is a well written and easy to read book. Part of the reason I really enjoyed the book was that I am familiar with the area. I was only sorry that there wasn't more of the geology in the book. I have already highly recommended it to friends.

by Aaron on Hiding Gladys - A Cleo Cooper Mystery by Lee Mims
Kept me up all night!

I will have to confess I was going to read a few chapters and go to bed. It was 3 AM when I went to sleep with the book completed. Excellent read.

by fortuneman on Hiding Gladys - A Cleo Cooper Mystery by Lee Mims
Hard to put down!

Excellent book that you will find hard to put down. The many twists and turns will keep you guessing and in suspense. A new writer worth reading.

by Sandy on Hiding Gladys - A Cleo Cooper Mystery by Lee Mims
Fun read

I sure enjoyed this book! I read it over the weekend and it was great fun! Fast paced and funny and a real pleasure to read! That Cleo is a hoot!

by Hoglady on Hiding Gladys - A Cleo Cooper Mystery by Lee Mims
Excellent book

Nice, fast-moving mystery. Keeps your attention and reads easy. Very well written. Really enjoyed it!

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